Composite Tooling


Composites continually create new challenges for tooling manufacturers and with over 10 years’ experience manufacturing tooling for a diverse range of markets, including: Formula One; automotive, mainstream and luxury sports/supercar; marine, both world class ocean-going and mainstream boats and yachts; alternate (wind/tidal/wave/ocean/green/renewable) energy; general industrial; and aerospace, Data2patterns has a wealth of experience to draw on.


Our customer base includes some of the most dynamic and forward thinking companies in the industry who all expect and demand continuous improvement from their supply chain and provide testimony to Data2patterns engineering capabilities.

A Quality mould tool is the lifeblood of accurate and successful composite components. Our range of tooling technologies and materials knowledge is vast, allowing just about any project to be formed from 1st class roots. With a solid reputation for flexibility and reliability we are confident that once you have worked with the team here at Data2patterns you will see the benefits of building a relationship with us.