Foundry Patterns

The construction, materials and production method of a foundry pattern is of paramount importance in producing a good quality casting be it in aluminium, yellow metal, iron or steel. It is to this end that Data2patterns uses its vast foundry experience coupled with the numerous lines of communication with the foundry and end user to ensure the optimum pattern equipment is produced.


From prototype parts where only 1 or a few castings are required to production parts requiring up to 100,000 part over the life of the pattern, a variety of materials are available all offering excellent dimensional accuracy and stability. The majority of patterns are produced on our C.N.C machines from customer supplied 3D data or 2D data converted by ourselves, ensuring dimensional accuracy and a fine and consistent finish.

Only skilled pattern makers are employed in all operations of manufacture from computer programming, machine setting to finishing and applying foundry method to the completed job.
Renovation of traditional patterns can also be undertaken by use of the latest materials either by hand or a combination of hand and machine. Core boxes for use on core blowing machines are constructed from a highdensity material to prevent premature wear and can be vented to the foundry's specification.

When a specific foundry practice is required these are applied and recorded by procedural forms exclusively for that foundry.
Customer Confidentiality is a vital part of Data2patterns business,so it is obvious but working practices and business activities of any of our customers or projects are never disclosed.